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Shapellx Shapewear: Your Guide to a Perfect Look

Getting the perfect look you want should not be a struggle for women. With Shapellx, it has become a lot easier to enhance your look and feel confident. But how do you achieve this? Are there any proper steps to follow or certain shapewear to choose? Let's find out.

Shapellx Shapewear: Your Guide to a Perfect Look

Understanding Shapellx Shapewear

It is a renowned brand that offers a range of shapewear designed to target specific areas. They have the best shapewear to give you a natural curve. But, you must know what to wear and achieve your desired look. For example, if you want to smooth out your tummy, you should try a waist trainer. Similarly, you can get the perfect buttocks with butt lifters. Whereas they offer body shapers to shape the entire body, giving you a perfect solution.
Shapewear for Tummy

Many women want a flat tummy to get a more defined waistline. So, they look for the best shapewear for tummy control  as it is the best way to go. With the right garments, you will get compression technology to shape your midsection. It's time to get a sleeker shape. There is something for all, from shorts to waist trainers or full-body suits. 

Choosing the Right Shapewear

Shapellx Shapewear: Your Guide to a Perfect Look

You should consider your specific shaping goals and other preferences while selecting shapewear. So, you must think about the areas you want to target and the level of control you need. There has to be proper planning for it. It is not as simple as you think. So, you can start by considering factors including fabric, size and style. Also, you should not compromise comfort and the best fit.
Butt Lifting Shapewear

You may want to get a perkier posterior, and butt-lifting shapewear is the solution. These pieces come with targeted compression zones, lifting and shaping your buttocks. In fact, they provide a natural-looking improvement. From wearing jeans and skirts to dresses, you must try out butt lifting shapewear. Best Bodysuit Shapewear

There are certain shapewear that offer full body shaping and smoothing. The most stand-out product is bodysuit shapewear. This is one of the best go-to options for women wanting the best shape. With these bodysuits, you get comprehensive coverage and support. They give you the best and most streamlined shape from head to toe.

Shapellx Shapewear: Your Guide to a Perfect Look

Moreover, they're designed to give you the most comfort and versatility. With adjustable straps and seamless designs, you will enjoy your experience with it. From dressing up for a special occasion to going about your day, you need the best bodysuit shapewear. Take Your Journey to the Next Level With Shapellx

Shaping your body is a major thing in a woman's life. This article is an ultimate guide that can help you achieve the look you want. With this range of shapewear products by Shapewear, it is no challenge to improve curves. It not only helps you with shaping, but also gives you the confidence you need in any outfit. So, let's just say goodbye to your insecurities and hello to a whole new world of shaping with Shapellx.

Shapellx Shapewear: Your Guide to a Perfect Look

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Resepi Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili Api

Baru je zaza lepas makan siput sedut masak lemak cili api hasil abah dan mak tangkap dekat parit di kampung baru-baru ni. Kebetulan pula ternampak perkongsian dari ( kredit Fienaz Shafie ) berkongsi Resepi Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili Api caranya. Jom kita cuba masak!


1 kg Siput Sedut
2 kotak santan
2 biji kunyit hidup (size kecil)
8-10 biji cili padi
2 batang serai (diketuk)
Halia 1 inci
300ml santan cair
1 cawan air
1 keping Asam Keping
Garam & Gula secukup rasa
1 helai Daun Kunyit (size besar)
*Kalau tak mahu tumis letak minyak pun boleh ikut citarasa masing-masing

Untuk cara memasak, korang boleh tonton video yang Fienaz kongsi di  facebooknya

Resepi Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili Api

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How to Get More Mobile Legends Diamonds (Free and Paid Methods)

Earning diamonds in Mobile Legends is one of the keys to obtaining impressive in-game skins, heroes, and items. Many Mobile Legends players seek ways to increase their diamond count through free and paid methods.

In this game, diamonds are considered valuable assets that can enrich the gaming experience. For some players, collecting diamond ml becomes challenging, providing satisfaction when successfully obtained. Various methods can be explored to increase the number of diamonds, ranging from free methods that require patience and strategy to paid options that are more instant.

How to Get More Mobile Legends Diamonds (Free and Paid Methods)

Free Methods

There are several methods of acquiring diamonds for free in Mobile Legends. One of them is participating in various events or activities organized by the game developers. Typically, these events offer diamond prizes as a form of appreciation to active players.

Loyalty programs also provide diamond rewards to players who regularly play and achieve specific targets. Another method is giveaways often held by the Mobile Legends community or social media influencers.

Although it requires time and patience, these methods can attract rewards for consistent players. Players can collect diamonds without spending money directly using these free methods.

Paid Methods

Paid methods are an attractive option for players who want to obtain diamonds quickly and easily. By purchasing diamonds directly, players can acquire them more rapidly without waiting or completing specific tasks.

Additionally, buying diamonds provides direct access to exclusive content, such as rare hero skins or special items not available through free methods. Various popular payment options are available to facilitate diamond purchasing, such as using credit cards, bank transfers, or payments through digital platforms like Google Play or the Apple Store.

Although it requires spending money, this method provides instant benefits and easy access to exclusive content that can significantly enhance the Mobile Legends gaming experience.

Players can also easily purchase diamonds through Lapakgaming, a trusted platform that offers safe and convenient Mobile Legends diamond top-up services. They can acquire diamonds to enhance their gameplay strength and style.

How to Get More Mobile Legends Diamonds (Free and Paid Methods)

Step-by-Step Top Up Guide

One platform that provides ML diamond top-ups is Lapakgaming. Topping up diamond balances in Mobile Legends through the Lapakgaming platform is simple and convenient, allowing players to obtain diamonds quickly and without significant difficulty. Here are the steps to follow to top up ML diamonds:

1. Start by visiting the official Lapakgaming website and logging in to your personal account. Then, enter the User ID and Zone ID information from your Mobile Legends account.
2. Once successfully logged in, select the desired diamond denomination to be added to your account balance.
3. Please follow the instructions provided to complete the payment process using one of the available payment methods according to your preference.
4. After the payment is successfully processed, the diamond balance will be automatically added to your Mobile Legends account, ready for use in the game.

Both free and paid methods have advantages and disadvantages when acquiring diamonds in Mobile Legends.

The free method offers an alternative for players who want to collect diamonds without spending money, although they require more time and patience. On the other hand, paid methods provide convenience and speed in obtaining diamonds instantly, with direct access to exclusive content.

About the Added Value of Diamonds

Diamonds allow players to purchase hero skins, which improve characters' visual appearance and can also give them a psychological advantage in battle by boosting their confidence and motivation.

Moreover, players can use diamonds to acquire new heroes or items that can offer strategic advantages in matches, such as emblems or gear. However, it's important to pay attention to the wise use and management of diamonds.

Inappropriate or wasteful diamond usage can result in the loss of valuable resources and diminish a player's ability to progress in the game. Therefore, players must carefully consider each diamond purchase and focus on the most effective use to enhance their performance in Mobile Legends battles.

In this case, emerges as a solution that combines the strengths of both methods. The top-up service on this platform provides convenience and security in the diamond loading process, allowing players to quickly increase their diamond balance without worry. Therefore, let's explore the top-up options offered by for a smooth and enjoyable diamond acquisition experience.

Are you curious to give it a try? Visit now to enjoy a comfortable and secure top-up experience and easily acquire Mobile Legends diamonds!

How to Get More Mobile Legends Diamonds (Free and Paid Methods)

Khamis, April 04, 2024

SEOUL, 26 January 2024 — At this year’s CES®, LG Electronics (LG) was honored with more than 200 awards and recognitions for a wide range of innovations and technologies across the home appliance, home entertainment and B2B categories.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED T – the world’s first 4K wireless transparent TV – led the way with countless honors as the Best TV or Best in Show from a wide range of press outlets.

LG’s Commitment to Innovation is  Recognised with Numerous Awards at CES 2024

With LG’s reputation as the global leader in OLED technology – the company continues to assert its dominance at CES, taking home the industry’s top awards and honors for its latest OLED TV lineup including the aforementioned LG SIGNATURE OLED T and the LG OLED evo M4, G4 and C4 TVs. Utilising the wireless technology introduced in last year’s M3 TV, LG’s 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED T is considered the next step in the evolution of OLED TV technology and was honored by major tech publications including CNET, Digital Trends, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Forbes, The Verge, Wirecutter, PCMag and Mashable.

The LG OLED evo series featuring a new 144Hz refresh rate and LG’s Alpha 11 AI processor was also applauded by CNET, TechRadar Pro, PCGamer and BGR. Additionally, Digital Trends highlighted the LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitor 32GS95UE in its lineup of best monitors seen at CES 2024 noting its one-of-a-kind ability to toggle between 4K at 240Hz and FHD at 480Hz with the press of a button.

LG also garnered accolades from top publications such as USA Today and Tom’s Guide for its new LG Wash Combo™ All-In-One with Heatpump™ Technology. Marking LG’s commitment to a greener world – the new Wash Combo uses 60 percent less energy than a vented model.1 The cutting-edge home appliance was widely recognised for its compact ventless design and ability to complete a wash-and-dry cycle in under two hours.

Named as a winner of Reviewed’s Accessibility Awards for CES 2024 – LG’s Universal UP Kit – a collection of innovative home appliance accessories and add-ons embracing universal design has been crafted to enhance usability for individuals facing physical challenges. It was also recognised in Apartment Therapy’s Best Home Design Products from CES 2024.

LG’s Commitment to Innovation is  Recognised with Numerous Awards at CES 2024

From the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) CES Innovation Award program alone, LG won 34 CES Innovation Awards including two Best of Innovation Awards given to the LG 4K Transparent OLED T and the 83-inch 4K OLED Zero Connect TV (M4).

Highlights from LG’s over 200 awards and recognitions earned at CES 2024 include:


  • CNET: Best TVs of CES 2024
  • Digital Trends: Top Tech of CES 2024 Awards
  • PCMag: The Biggest (and Coolest) TVs at CES 2024
  • Engadget: Best of CES 2024
  • Reviewed: The Reviewed Awards: CES 2024 – Home Theater
  • TechRadar: Best Gadgets of CES 2024 – Best TV
  • The New York Times: Wirecutter: Best of CES 2024
  • Tom’s Guide: Best of CES 2024 Awards – Best Design
  • The Verge: The Verge Awards at CES 2024 – Best in Show
  • CNN Underscored: Best of CES 2024 – Best TV

  • NBC News: Best of CES 2024
  • Fox News: Top 10 Tech of CES 2024
  • The Hollywood Reporter: Best of CES 2024 – Best OLED TV
  • Variety: Best of CES 2024 – Best 4k TV
  • Popular Science: Best New Gadgets and Tech from CES 2024
  • Rolling Stone: Best of CES 2024

LG OLED TVs (M4, G4, C4 and B4)

  • Tom’s Guide: Best TVs of CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4
  • Reviewed: The Reviewed Awards: CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4
  • TechRadar Pro: 2024 Pick Awards – LG OLED evo M4
  • Tech Advisor: Best of CES 2024 – LG OLED B4
  • Gear Patrol: Coolest TVs and Monitors Revealed at CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4, C4, and OLED B4

  • Tom’s Guide: Best TVs of CES 2024 – LG 98 inch QNED TV
  • Residential tech today : CES 2024 Reflections and Superlatives- LG 98 inch QNED TV

LG gram Pro Laptops
  • Digital Trends: Best and Most Exciting Laptops at CES 2024 – LG gram Pro
  • Inverse: Best Laptops Announced at CES 2024 – LG gram Pro 2-in-1
  • Laptop Mag: Best of CES 2024 – Best 2-in-1: LG gram Pro 2-in-1
  • Live Science: CES 2024: Best Laptops for Coding & Programmers – LG gram Pro 2-in-1

LG CineBeam Qube Projector
  • PCMag: Best of CES 2024 – Best Projector
  • WIRED: Best of CES 2024 – Best Home Theater
  • Gizmodo: Best, Coolest, and Weirdest Gadgets at CES 2024
  • Yanko Design: Best of CES 2024

LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor
  • Digital Trends: Best Monitors of CES 2024
  • Inverse: Most Eye-Popping Gaming Monitors from CES 2024
  • The Shortcut: The Shortcut CES 2024 Awards
  • Windows Central: Best of CES 2024 – Best Gaming

LG Wash Combo™ All-In-One with Heatpump™ Technology
  • Reviewed: The Reviewed Awards: CES 2024
  • Tom’s Guide: Best Smart Home Gadgets of CES 2024 – Best Smart Appliance
  • Tom’s Guide: Best of CES 2024 – Best Home Appliance
  • Good Housekeeping: Coolest Gadgets at CES 2024

LG Smart Home AI Agent
  • Reviewed: CES 2024 – Top 9 New Gadgets You Need To See
  • Mashable: The Best of CES 2024
  • The Washington Post: The Best (and Strangest) Tech We Found at CES 2024
  • T3: Best of CES 2024 Awards – T3’s Top Tech from This Year’s Show

LG’s Commitment to Innovation is  Recognised with Numerous Awards at CES 2024

For more information on LG’s CES 2024 awards and honors and additional information about LG’s products announced at CES, please visit LG Newsroom.

LG’s Commitment to Innovation is Recognised with Numerous Awards at CES 2024

Jumaat, Februari 02, 2024

SEOUL, 25 January 2024 — LG Electronics Inc. (LG) announced its financial results for the year 2023, disclosing a consolidated revenue of KRW 84.2 trillion and an operating profit of KRW 3.55 trillion. This marks the third consecutive year of achieving record-breaking annual revenue. The operating profit is also solid, approaching levels seen during the prior period of pent-up demand.

Despite challenging external factors such as an economic slowdown and reduced demand, LG’s core business of home appliances and the burgeoning vehicle components business have demonstrated remarkable resilience, maintaining continuous growth for eight consecutive years. The combined revenue of these businesses exceeded KRW 40 trillion last year, a substantial increase from KRW 18 trillion in 2015. Over the same period, the proportion of these two businesses in the total revenue has risen from 32.5 percent to 47.8 percent.

The performance is attributable to LG’s strategic efforts to enhance its business portfolio. The company successfully expanded its B2B business by identifying market turning points early on and integrated new business models, including subscription services, into existing frameworks. Furthermore, LG’s innovative content and service business model, leveraging its extensive user base of hundreds of millions of products globally, has also contributed to securing robust profitability.

LG Announces 2023 Financial Results

Looking ahead, LG is committed to a continual transformation from a mature business-oriented structure to a future growth-oriented one. In this year, the company will concentrate its capabilities on breaking through limits to maximise its business potential. Guided by the newly established Overseas Sales & Marketing Company, LG will strive for additional growth and expanded product coverage, particularly in emerging markets where there are greater growth opportunities.

The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company achieved an annual revenue of KRW 30.14 trillion, marking eight consecutive years of growth and ushering in the era of KRW 30 trillion. Introducing new business models including subscription services and expanding the B2B share in areas such as HVAC, components and built-in solutions contributed to this growth. The operating profit recorded an increase of over 76 percent compared to the previous year, reaching KRW 2.08 trillion.

In the coming year, the Company will accelerate a shift in its business model towards future readiness, including Direct-to-Consumer initiatives. It aims to expand the deployment of home appliance operating systems and extend subscription services to international markets. Additionally, there will be a swift progression in building smart home solutions that reflect the value of “Zero Labor Home.” In terms of products, the Company will seek to maintain its strategic approach of solidifying the premium leadership of key products, such as washing machines and refrigerators, while swiftly expanding region-specific lineups. To sustain continuous growth in the B2B sector, especially in areas like HVAC, the Company plans to strengthen its capabilities by establishing a complete, local business operation that encompasses product development, production and sales, with a focus on the evident electrification trends in regions such as North America and Europe.

The LG Vehicle component Solutions Company achieved an annual revenue of KRW 10.1 trillion and operating profit of KRW 133 billion. In its 10th year since establishment, the Company not only surpassed the KRW 10 trillion revenue mark but also demonstrated eight consecutive years of growth since it began disclosing performance results in 2015. The share of total consolidated revenue has increased to 12 percent. This year, the Company aims to drive both external growth, leveraging a substantial order backlog, and qualitative growth in its operations. In in-vehicle infotainment, the Company is dedicating efforts to secure capabilities in the area of software-defined vehicles in response to the needs of OEMs. Drawing upon its differentiated technology accumulated in the home appliance and IT sectors, the Company will seek to further enhance the in-vehicle customer experience. In the e-Powertrain area, focus will be on strengthening product capabilities and early stabilisation of overseas production bases to enhance responsiveness to customer demands. Additionally, in headlamps, there are plans to expand premium product orders while simultaneously improving operational efficiency.

The LG Home Entertainment Company recorded an annual revenue of KRW 14.2 trillion and operating profit of KRW 362 billion. The webOS platform-based content and services business solidified its position as a new source of revenue, showing a significant increase in operating profit compared to the previous year. The revenue slightly decreased amid a relatively slow recovery in demand for premium products like OLED. In anticipation of a progressive recovery in TV demand this year, the Company will seek to strengthen both the top-tier OLED lineup and the QNED lineup, following a dual-track strategy to lead the premium market. Simultaneously, the Company is accelerating its transformation into a media and entertainment powerhouse. In the current year, the webOS platform business is slated for nurturing as a significant revenue-generating venture in the scale of trillions.

The LG Business Solutions Company recorded an annual revenue of KRW 5.4 trillion and operating loss of KRW 42 billion. The revenue saw a slight decrease compared to the previous year due to delays in IT demand recovery and reduced investments from key enterprises. Increased investments in future growth areas such as robotics and electric vehicle charging had an impact on profitability. In this year, the Company is positioning itself with a competitive lineup of IT products, including gaming monitors and the LG gram Pro, and will actively seek to find business opportunities targeting distinct verticals such as government agencies and schools. As a leader in LG’s B2B business, it aims to accelerate the shift from supplying single products to integrating and providing adjacent solutions. With a significant proportion of new businesses within the organization, investments will be prioritised for future preparations rather than short-term management performance.

LG Announces 2023 Financial Results

Kuching and Melaka City are popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, offering unique experiences and attractions. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a solo adventure, these cities have something to offer everyone. In this article, we will explore the best hotel Kuching and Melaka City, providing options catering to different budgets and preferences.

Best Hotels in Kuching

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. The city is nestled on the banks of the Sarawak River, giving it a charming waterfront setting. Regarding accommodation, Kuching has various options to suit every traveler’s needs.

1. The Waterfront Hotel Kuching

Hotels to Choose While in Kuching and Melaka City, Malaysia
Photo : The Waterfront Hotel Kuching Website

Location: 68, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg,, Kuching City Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, 93000

Price: RM 200

Hotels to Choose While in Kuching and Melaka City, Malaysia

Located along the scenic Kuching Waterfront, this hotel offers breathtaking views of the river and the city skyline. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, providing a comfortable stay for guests. The hotel also features a rooftop pool and fitness center, perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. Prices start at RM200 per night.

Hotels to Choose While in Kuching and Melaka City, Malaysia

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Siapa dekat sini gemar minum sarang burung? Biasanya yang kita tahu masyarakat Cina memang gemar minum sarang burung untuk kecantikan kulit. Sebab itu kalau tengok, kulit masyarakat Cina licin dan cantik je kan.

Kita pun boleh juga dapat kulit yang cantik dan mulus macam mereka antaranya dengan cara mengamalkan meminum sarang burung. Antara jenama minuman sarang burung yang paling digemari dan popular adalah jenama dari Ecolite Collagen Bird's Nest Drinks.

Ecolite Collagen Bird's Nest Drinks Kini Datang Dalam Pouch Mudah Dibawa

Kalau sebelum ini, Ecolite Collagen Bird's Nest Drinks datang dalam botol kaca tetapi sekarang ia telah hadir dalam bentuk pouch yang lebih convenient dan mudah dibawa kemana-mana.

Ecolite Collagen Bird's Nest Drinks Kini Datang Dalam Pouch Mudah Dibawa
Packaging botol kaca ( packaging lama )

Tahu tak penghasilan kolagen dalam badan kita mula berkurang selepas umur 20 tahun. Kehilangan kolagen boleh menyebabkan kulit kehilangan keanjalan dan menyebabkan penuaan kulit.

Sebab itu pentingnya kita mengambil kolagen dalam diet harian untuk kesihatan dan juga kecantikan badan.

Resepi Kacang Buncis Sambal Tumis

Malam-malam ni terliur pula bila ternampak Resepi Kacang Buncis Sambal Tumis ni. Makan nasi panas ditambah dengan ikan masin memang cukup menyelerakan.

Jom kita cuba resepi dibawah ini


1/2kg kacang buncis potong serong
5 ulas bawang merah*
3 ulas bawang putih*
sedikit belacan
segenggam ikan bilis
3 sudu cili kisar
garam dan aji
sedikit gula

Cara Memasak 
1. Tumbuk bahan-bahan bertanda (*)
2. Panaskan minyak.. masukkan ikan bilis.. goreng sekejap jangan sampai garing..
3. Masukkan bahan tumbuk..tumiskan hingga kekuningan..
4. Masukkan pula cili kisar.. tumis hingga naik bau..
5. Masukkan kacang buncis.. garam.. aji dan gula secukup rasa..
6. Bila kacang dah agak lembut.. tutup api
sedia untuk dihidang.

Kredit kepada pemilik dan juga perkongsian dari facebook Resepi Enak

Resepi Kacang Buncis Sambal Tumis

Assalamualaikum dan hi..kalau ke Temerloh apa yang korang akan bayangkan? Tentu nya teringat akan makanannya yang paling popular iaitu Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak kan..zaza pun antara pengemar masakan ikan patin tempoyak..paling suka bila dapat hirup kuahnya..memang boleh licin mangkuk.

Antara kedai patin tempoyak yang sedap di Temerloh yang terletak berhampiran dengan sungai tu..Orang Temerloh dan Pahang mesti tahu kan..kalau orang luar, boleh je google insyaallah jumpa la tempatnya..

Tapi macam zaza lah, kalau nak masak sendiri memang tak terbuat.. setakat kalau zaza nak makan baik beli je hehe..

Tapi mungkin ada dikalangan korang yang nak cuba belajar masak Patin Tempoyak ni boleh cuba Resepi Patin Tempoyak Original Pahang yang dikongsi oleh Suraya Yaacob.

Resepi Patin Tempoyak Original Pahang
Foto dan Resepi  Kredit : Suraya Yaacob
( Minta halal ya untuk zaza share resepi ini kepada pembaca blog ini )

Resepi Patin Tempoyak Original Pahang

Bahan - Bahan dan cara masak :

10 ulas cili padi merah
1 inci kunyit hidup
*Tumbuk dalam lesung batu sampai lumat

3 sudu tempoyak dimasukkan dan gaul rata
Kemudian masukkan ke dalam periuk

Tambah air dan didihkan di atas dapur

Masukkan garam dan ajinomoto secukup rasa
Masukkan ikan dan tunggu sampai didih

Setelah mendidih, masukkan daun kesum dan bunga kantan

Siap dan boleh lah dimakan bersama keluarga tersayang..

Mudah je rupanya kan nak masak ikan patin tempoyak original pahang ni..bahannya pun mudah sangat nak dapat. Ok selepas ni ni boleh la kita sama-sama belajar masak..oh ya zaza patin tempoyak ni mau bertambah-tambah makan nasi..

Oklah selamat mencuba!

Resepi Patin Tempoyak Original Pahang


30 Jenis Resepi Rendang Raya

Resepi Rendang Ayam

1 ekor ayam
1 labu bawang besar (dikisar)
5 ulas bawang putih (dikisar)
2 batang serai dititik
1 sudu makan serbuk jintan putih
1 sudu makan serbuk jintan manis
1 biji santan
2 asam keping
Gula melaka
2 helai daun kunyit(hiris halus)

Bahan-bahan blended:

30 tangkai cili kering(rebus dulu)
3 inci kunyit hidup
3 inci halia
3 inci lengkuas

Cara-cara masak:

1.Panaskan minyak.tumis bawang blended & serai hingga naik bau.masukkan serbuk jintan putih & jintan manis.kacau rata.
2.Masukkan bahan-bahan blended(cili kering,kunyit hidup,halia & lengkuas).
Biar sampai pecah minyak.
4.Masukkan ayam dan gaul rata.
5.Masukkan santan dan kecilkan api.
Masak hingga ayam masak.
6.Masukkan kerisik,asam keping,gula melaka dan garam.masak hingga rendang pekat/sedikit kering.
7.Tabur daun kunyit dan tutup api.

Selamat mencuba..

Kredit : Zatun Najahah Ghazali

30 Jenis Resepi Rendang Raya

Resepi Rendang Kerang

Bahan-bahan diperlukan:

600gm isi kerang
150gm cili kisar
100 gm bawang putih *dikisar
50gm bawang merah *dikisar
50gm halia *dikisar
50 gm serai *dikisar
40gm kerisik
10gm gula melaka
2 helai daun kunyit
1/2 liter santan
1sudu teh garam
minyak masak secukupnya

Cara menyediakan dan memasak:

1.Tumiskan bahan dikisar hingga naik bau.kemudian masukkan pula daun kunyit,garam,dan gula melaka
2. Kacau rata dan masukkan isi kerang
3.Masukkan santan dan kacau hingga pekat.kemudian masukkan kerisik.
4.Perlahankan api dan tunggu hingga masak.
Kredit : Dapur Kak Tina

30 Jenis Resepi Rendang Raya

Resepi Rendang Daging
1) Bawang Merah/Putih (kisar)
2) Cili kering (kisar)
3) Kunyit Hidup (kisar)
4) Halia (kisar)
5) Lengkuas (kisar)
6) Jintan halus (kisar)
7) Bunga lawang/kayu Manis
8) Kerisek
9) Santan cair (1biji kelapa)
10) Daun kunyit /Daun limau purut (hiris)
11) Daging Batang Pinang
12) 1 batang serai (ketuk)
1) - kisar bawang putih /merah/cili kering/halia/
lengkuas/jintan halus/kunyit hidup @ serbuk knyit/cili padi (optional)

2) panaskan mnyk, tuang bhn kisar tadi smua ke dalam kuali, masukkn serai/ kayu manis/Bunga lawang.. tumis smpi pecah minyak.

3) - Seterusnya masukkan 1kg daging btg pinang .
Dah pekat tmbh sikit air dlm 1 cwn. Baru masukkan kerisek.

4) Masukkn santan, seterusnya msukkn garam dan biarkan dia msak.

5) Akhir skali masukkan hirisan daun kunyit dan daun limau . Masak sehingga kering , jika nak berkuah tambah lagi air dan adjust rasa . Siap!
Resepi ni tiada anggaran berapa biji bawang, berapa sukatan cili, memandangkan saya masak hanya main agak-agak dan campak sahaja ikut rasa. Saya hanya berikan bahan-bahan utama dalam memasak rendang sahaja
Kredit: Tengku Roselyza Raja Muhammad
Dekat sini zaza share 3 jenis resepi je tau. Untuk 27 lagi resepi lain, korang boleh tengok dekat link ini >>> 30 Jenis Resepi Rendang

30 Jenis Resepi Rendang Raya


Pertemuan Blogger Setelah 5 Tahun Tak Jumpa

Assalamualaikum dan hi, lama juga zaza tak share kisah personal kan..sebenarnya zaza rindu nak share moment berjumpa dengan sahabat blogger dekat KL setelah 5 tahun lebih tak berjumpa. Last jumpa sahabat blogger pun sekitar tahun 2018 macam tu kot.

Sebenarnya zaza tak plan pun nak datang KL. Kebetulan kakak yang bercuti raya nak balik KL hari jumaat yang lalu, so last minit zaza cakap nak ikut sebab dah lama sangat tak jumpa dan lepak dengan rakan-rakan.

Sampai je KL, zaza minta kakak turunkan zaza dekat LRT Gombak sebab zaza nak ke rumah rakan blogger Sally Samsaiman dekat Ampang Jaya. Terima kasih Sally sudi terima kedatangan zaza siap bagi tumpang tidur sehari lagi. Rindunya dapat jumpa sally dan peluang jumpa mak sally juga.

Zaza sampai dalam 12 tengahari. Lepas tu teman sally pergi pasar dan petang tu memang rileks dan berehat je sampai malam. Macam-macamlah dapat berborak dengan sally. Dapat juga jumpa dengan kucing sally nama kiki dan leo. geram tengok budak berdua tu.

Pagi sabtu Sally masakkan nasi lemak sambal sotong. Memang sedap sangat sambal sotong sally masak tu. Zaza memang suka sambal sotong. Bertambah-tambah makan sambal sotong.

Tapi itulah moment gambar dengan sally tak banyak. Lupa pula nak ambil gambar berdua. jangan marah eh sally.. tapi ada moment zaza beramai dengan sally dan juga blogger azwar syuhada dan kak jueliza jamani semasa berjumpa dekat KLCC.

Pertemuan Blogger Setelah 5 Tahun Tak Jumpa
Kak Jueliza Jamani, Sally ( pakai spek ) dan Azwar Syuhada berbaju pink

Terima kasih Sally bawa zaza datang makan dekat KLCC juga. Selepas selesai, zaza berpisah dengan sally dan kak jue sebab zaza nak menuju ke tempat lain pula bersama Azwar.


Resepi Rendang Kerang. Assalamualaikum. Tiba-tiba je teringin nak makan rendang kerang. Dulu masa raya, zaza ingat lagi kakak zaza ada buat rendang kerang. Sekali rasa makan dengan nasi impit, Ya Allah, memang sedap sangat-sangat. Kakak zaza ni memang pandai masak macam-macam. Tak macam zaza kurang pandai sikit masak.

Btw, zaza ada terjumpa resepi rendang kerang ni. Boleh lah sesiapa nak belajar masak guna resepi ni.

  • Bawang besaq 2 biji
  • Bawang putih 2 biji
  • Lengkuas besar ibu jari
  • Kunyit hidup 3 ibu jari
  • Serai
  • Halia besar ibu jari
  • Cabai kering ajak-agak je berapa ( jika nak kena letak banyak )

1. Blender semua bahan dan tumis sampai pecah minyak. Letak asam keping

2. Kalau rasa asam keping tak berapa masam, letak air asam jawa

3. Dah mendidih dan pecah minyak letak kerisik 1 sudu besar

4. Agak-agak kerisik dah sebati, masukkan santan. Biar api perlahan. Sentiasa kacau.

5. Dah pecah minyak masuk isi kerang dengan daun kunyit..

6. Masukkan garam. Siap

Resepi Rendang Kerang

Kredit Sumber Noor Ashila 

Resepi Rendang Kerang


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