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How Much Do You Need to Earn to Afford a House in KL

How Much Do You Need to Earn to Afford a House in KL

How Much Do You Need to Earn to Afford a House in KL

Most young working adults are looking for house to rent in KL as buying a property can be financially stressful. Especially with the high living expenses nowadays in Malaysia, buying a property more than RM300,000 will bring only financial burden to yourself. However, owning a property on your own might not be as unaffordable as you thought. Do you know you can still get a property on your own in Klang Valley with RM 300,000? With the recent announcement of homebuyer schemes, it is definitely possible for young working adults to buy a house on their own nowadays. Before you decide on buying a property, you can use a home loan calculator to estimate your monthly house loan repayment if you were to buy a property in Malaysia to save yourself from getting into a debt.

With the recent hike of property prices in Malaysia, the 1Malaysia Housing Programme was announced back in 2012 to help young adults in Malaysia to buy their first home. Drop the idea of properties under the PR1MA scheme are all located in the rural or outskirts area. There are many properties that are located at Klang Valley such as Bukit Jalil, Brickfields, Kajang, and Cyberjaya 2. These areas are well developed with major infrastructure and established amenities available for the residents. A freehold apartment in Brickfields will have a starting price from RM 284,000 onwards, the starting price of a freehold apartment in Bukit Jalil with built up areas from 560 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft is RM 267,000, an apartment in Kajang will be priced at RM 236,000 onwards and an apartment in Cyberjaya 2 will start from RM 274,000. Residents of the PR1MA units at Brickfields will also have easy accessibility to places via Jalan Bangsar, Jalan Tun Sambathan and Jalan Syed Putra. All these apartments come with facilities that you can find from a luxurious condominium as well, such as swimming pool, gymnasium, playground, nursery, multipurpose hall, community hall, sky garden and 24 hours CCTV surveillance. Are you surprised at the affordability of these properties yet? If you have the misconception of PR1MA units being tiny with no facilities included, you should start changing your mindset.

Fret not if you do not fit the criteria of applying for the PR1MA houses. There are still many properties out there in the market that cost RM 300,000 or lesser. For example, there are a few properties in Bandar Mahkota, Cheras costing lesser than RM 300,00 with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There are also units in Angsana Apartment that cost approximately RM 250,000 with plenty amenities around, such as banks, petrol stations, clinics, hawker centres and so on. Although they come with smaller built up areas of 750 sq ft with 1 car park lot provided, they are located near to Kuala Lumpur City Centre, with only 30 minutes car ride via SMART tunnel.

There are also units that cost lesser than RM 300,000 in Teratai Mewah Apartment, Setapak. Same as the units in Angsana Apartment, the units here have a small built up area as well, at 653 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. With a smaller built up areas, these units cost only RM 245,000, which is considered very affordable for a 3 bedrooms unit. This apartment comes with basic facilities as well, such as 24 hours security surveillance, mini market, jogging track and a playground for young children. It is located nearby to major highways as well such as DUKE highway, PLUS highway and MRR2.

There is also a new development: U-city situated near University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus with estimated completion in year 2020. The selling price of a 450 sq ft fully furnished unit is starting from RM 249,000. This is considered a good deal, as it is an integrated development with both commercial and residential components. Moreover, it is located near an education institution where it will ensure a rental yield to the buyers, if they plan to rent it out for investment purpose.

To sum it up, with all the options stated above, buying a property under RM 300,000 in Malaysia is still possible. Despite having smaller unit size as compared to some properties that are not under the 1 Malaysia Housing Programme, it is still decent enough for young couples or single individuals, especially those who have just started working not long ago. The PR1MA projects are not limited to houses in Klang Valley only, there are also houses with built-up areas up to 1,200 sq ft outside Klang Valley that are under the PR1MA scheme and you can check them out in their website. As the PR1MA scheme offers up to 100% home loan from the bank, do check if you fit the criteria of applying to the PR1MA scheme if you plan on getting your first property. If not, you can still look around for houses that are under RM 300,000, despite having smaller built up areas.

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Tips and Tricks for Picking a Perfect Color Palette

Tips and Tricks for Picking a Perfect Color Palette

Tips and Tricks for Picking a Perfect Color Palette. Choosing a color palette for your interiors is not always an easy task. Many people are intimidated by the permanency that comes with determining and deciding on a fixed color palette. Even though you might still be in the early stages of finding your home, you can always start thinking about you color palette. So, while you’re asking around for that setia alam house price, also keep an eye out for paint choices and prices.

Read on for some palette-perfecting tips that helps you make choosing the perfect color palette for your space a piece of cake.

Tips and Tricks for Picking a Perfect Color Palette

Take note of permanent features

Before you start fiddling with that paint palette, take stock of your home and its permanent features. This helps make sure that the color families you choose will match and balance the hue and tone of all the elements in your space well. For example, if you have dark-stained hardwood floors and exposed ceiling beams, a warmer color palette will accentuate these features well. Also, consider not only thinking of your current space, but also your space in the future. Will you be making any permanent changes? You should figure these things out before you move forward with your color plans.

Don’t start with painting

It’s tempting to start with painting your walls as the first step in your décor process. While it’s fine to walk into it knowing the color palette you want, choosing the exact shade you put on your walls should be the last step in your decorating endeavor. Instead, you should start with the main inspiration for your room – your décor pieces. Select your major pieces first – whether its in terms of textiles, fabrics or material – and then consider how they all come together. Then, build your color palette around these pieces to help tie everything together.

Embrace the color wheel

The color wheel is a scientific approach to find complementary colors. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel are typically very complementary and offer high contrast and vibrancy, especially at full saturation. On the other hand, those that are next to each other (or analogous) are more harmonious and pleasing to the eye, giving your space a more serene vibe.

Swatch and test before committing

Before you commit to a paint color, make sure that you swatchit and test it out on a small part of your walls. This helps you really see how the color will look in your space, not just depending on paint card swatches or store lighting. It also helps you make sure that your paint choice is not just a passing fancy. Though your walls can be repainted, it’s not something that you would want to attempt often, so it’s best to make sure you can live with your paint choice.

Think about the big picture

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not considering the big picture: how all the paint choices throughout your home works as a whole. Your whole space should have a cohesive palette and the colors throughout your space should complement and balance out each other well. Make sure you have swatches of all your paint choices and put them all together to see if they mix together well.

Find complementary secondary neutrals

When making choices on your paint palette, you need to make sure the colors you choose match well with each other. Start by choosing the dominant primary color. This is usually the boldest color. Then, select the secondary and tertiary colors with the first color in mind.

Think about mood, ambience and purpose

Before you start thinking about the colors, ask yourself how you want the space to feel as well as how you will use the space. This will help determine the colorway you should go for. For example, if you want your workspace to feel energizing, you may want to select a warmer hue or even a bright white to stimulate your attention. If you want a calm bedroom, cool colors – which tend to recede – may work better in bringing out peacefulness and serenity.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is one of the most essential factors that you need to consider. This is because the lighting in your space will affect how the color you choose is perceived by the eye. Natural daylight typically shows the color in its truest form. So, if your space gets tons of natural light, the paint you choose should turn out true to swatch. However, you also have to take into account how and when you use your space. If you only use it at night, natural light will not matter much. Then, you have to think about your own lighting. Incandescent lights usually highlight warm tones better, while fluorescence lighting can make your colors appear bluer. So, make sure you consider your lighting before you paint.

Brush up on color talk

Before you buy your paint, take some time to brush up on paint terminology. Basically there are four terms: hue (the “color” – such as red, green or blue), value (how light or dark the paint is), saturation (how dominant the hue is) and intensity (how brilliant or vibrant the color is). Primary colors such as red, yellow and blue are more intense than secondary colors, while tertiary colors are even less intense than secondary and primary colors. Make sure you understand the terms of paint and color to make sure you’re and whoever you’re speaking to about it are on the same page to ensure that you get what you envision.

Order a ton of samples

The carinal rule to painting is this: test, test and test. Paintis a very variable thing, especially because your eye will perceive paint to be different colors in different lighting situations. So, before you paint your walls and decide on color choices for your accents, try asking for samples and test your favorite choices in different surfaces at different parts of your space to get a sense of how the color you choose will complement all the elements in the room.

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Tips On Increasing Property Value

Tips On Increasing Property Value

Tips On Increasing Property Value. Do you have properties for listing and hoping to rent out your properties as soon as possible? With so many HDB in Sengkang, the competition is strong. With so many competitors out there, it seems like nobody is viewing your posting of your rental. Worry not, this article will guide you through the tips to increase your property value to attract potential buyers or potential renters.

1.Front door

According to a study in the United States, it is reported that replacing the front door of the house will result in a higher return on investment for your property value. Though the study is based on the houses available in the States, there is no harm in replacing your front gate, especially if it has been there for a long time and needs a revamp. Moreover, the front door is the first thing that people see when they view your property, therefore it is good to leave a good impression for potential buyers

Estimated cost: $1,000 to $2,000

2. New paint

Choosing the right paint, the right color makes a huge difference. Using the right paint can instantaneously revive and brighten your initially dull looking unit. Hence, you can choose a color that will brighten up your unit or a color that adds a touch of liveliness for your unit. Nobody wants to come back to a place where it further brings down the already-tired-from-work mood. Make sure to use only good quality paint as well to protect your home and will certainly last you a few years. If you are unsure of which color to choose, you can always ask for advices from the stores, as most stores offer a wide variety of colors for you to choose from and they will be able to advise you on the matching of the color that suits your house theme.

Estimated cost: $2,000

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where people spend most of their time at. It is a place where homey food are cooked and produced.

Notice a leak in the kitchen? Fix it. Notice a damaged light bulb? Change it. Has it been one year since you last serviced your air conditioner? If yes, it is time to service it. Keep the cabinets, sinks and tubs scratch free and clean. You could also add a new kitchen island to give you extra working space when it comes to cooking preparation. Do not forget to have built in cabinets to help to keep your kitchen organized and neat.

Estimated cost: $5,000 - $10,000

4. Bathroom

Bathroom is an essential part of every home. Make sure the shower head, towel racks and toilet paper holders are still in working condition. Is the heater still working? If not, service it. Are the light bulbs still working? If not, change a new light bulb. Service them all while the problems are still minor. Do not wait until it becomes a major problem and end up being a damage where you cannot repair and the only way is to replace a new one. That will then cost you a whole lot more than just servicing and maintaining. In addition, position matters as well. Nothing annoys people more than having a fixture placed at a very odd and inconvenience location, for example, toilet paper holders located at an unreachable location. You can also consider putting a large mirror in the bathroom if the space allows, as most people get themselves dressed in the bathroom.

Estimated cost: $4,000 to $5,000

5. Floors

The floor plays an important role in the theme of the house. Choice of flooring used will reflect the light inside the house. Therefore, it is important to choose the right choice of color for the floor. Dark colored floor will definitely require more lights installed in the house and light colored floor will naturally require lesser lights to be installed in the house. The texture of the floor should be taken into consideration as well because our feet are in constant contact with the floor. A rough texture will definitely be causing pain to our feet and flooring with a smooth texture will be too slippery instead. Thus, you should choose carefully when it comes to flooring inside the house.

Estimated cost: $5,000

It is actually not a hard job to increase your property value if you follow all these tips. Make some simple improvements to your unit and make your tenants feel like it is more than just a house but a home sweet home. You will also need to make an effort to constantly maintain your house as only a well maintained house will boost the property value. Most importantly, these tips are mostly low cost. You will be blown away on how much of a huge difference it can make if you follow all these tips and at the same time, boost your property value in Singapore

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