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How To Style This Season’s shapewear Trend?

Selasa, Oktober 31, 2023

This new season that is arriving, has come with a new trend called shapewear outerwear. This new trend has been made very popular thanks to many celebrities and also influencers, that have been showing their amazing outfits with shapewear outerwear all over social media.

In many cases, wholesale shapewear outerwear, has become a great option for those who don’t really want to wear many layers of clothing, considering that shapewear is always been worn under your outfit. Shapewear outerwear are pieces of shapewear that have the appearance of normal casual clothing but they will provide you the same shaping effect shapewear does.

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Shapewear in general, has become quite an important piece for many women, as it helps them get a confidence boost, and feel better about how they look and in general with their overall appearance. Some others just use it to look good and have a great figure on special occasions.

Where can you get these seasons’ trends?

Our favorite place to get shapewear outerwear is from Waistdear. They are our favorite shapewear and waist trainer vendors. This innovative brand has become the leading factory and manufacturer of shapewear.

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They offer a wide range of shapewear products that include inner shapewear, as well as shapewear outerwear, fajas, and waist trainers. These pieces all come in inclusive sizes and are comfortable stylish and versatile. But their pieces are not only that, they are also sustainable and eco-friendly and have the highest quality.

If you want to be sure of the quality, that is assured by their over 500 workers around the world, you can always read the waistdear reviews, to know what other customers think about their products and services. You’ll soon notice that they love them all.

How to style these pieces?

Shapewear outerwear comes in many different styles, for example, there are dresses, jumpsuits, bodysuits, tops, leggings, and pants. This time we are going to give you some ideas on how to style these pieces, as in many cases they are considered the whole outfits by themselves.

Let’s start with the dresses. Waistdear offers many styles of shaping dresses, but in most cases, the best way to style them is either with a denim jacket and sneakers, if you want a style that is more casual, or with a blazer and heels for a more serious and elegant style. Another casual idea implies wearing leather jackets. It will be up to you and your personal style to choose what you want to wear.

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Something similar can be considered for those who want to style jumpsuits. These tend to be styles that are more casual, so either denim or leather and some nice sneakers. If you want to make it flirtier add some heels…

Then we have bodysuits, the most popular shapewear piece, and honestly, for this piece, you can find inspiration all over social media. But we still are going to give you some ideas on how to style them.

One of the most common style ideas is to pair them with high-waisted jeans. In many cases and depending on your style and your ability to wear and resist heels for long periods of time, either them or sneakers will be a good idea. Of course, adding blazers or jackets (denim or leather) is always a good idea.

If you want to apply it for a more office-ready style, simply add high-waisted trousers and a nice belt, add a blazer and you will be ready to look like you are the boss. You can also pair the tops leggings and pants together to create amazing outfits too, getting an amazing figure.


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